Welcome To English Club


                                                English Club / Afternoon Session 2011                                     



          This club began to run independently without the help of the morning members a few years ago.   At that time, Mdm Chua Ley Chin and Mdm Loh Chin Yien were the advisors.  The main aim of forming this club is to promote the use of the English language among the afternoon students.


            English is hardly spoken by the afternoon students be it in school or at  home.  Therefore, all the activities of this club are aimed at promoting the use of the language among the students.


              Unfortunately, the response of the students to become members of this club has never been encouraging.  Though the number may be small, members of the club never fail to meet and carry out the activities planned each year.


          It is hoped that English Club members are able to promote the use of the English language among the afternoon students so that students will find learning the language a joy.


                                                                                                         Hillary Tengku  









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