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English Club  /  Afternoon Session 2011


                                                    Duties for Board of Management



Teacher Advisors

  • Teacher advisors are all from the school.
  • Teacher advisors will give advice and have full authority over the planning and running of all activities.
  • Teacher advisors will be present for all activities planned for the year.
  • Teacher advisors have the authority to evaluate members' performance.

Committee Members

  • Appointment is during the Annual General Meeting.
  • Members present and those absent but have written the letter of reason can be appointed as committee members.
  • Appointment is via election.
  • Appointment for minor positions can be done by the teacher advisors.
  • Members of the committee who wish to resign must do so via formal letter to the teacher advisors.
  • The committee members should consist of the following:

           *  President
           *  Vice President
           * Secretary

           * Vice Secretary
           * Treasurer

           * Vice Secretary
           * Class Representatives








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