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English Club  /  Afternoon Session 2011

                                       Strategic Plan / PSPTPO

Strategic Plan (2011-2015)

Tactical Plan (2011)

Operational Planning

Membership Programme

  • To encourage more members to join the club
  • To improve 5% of membership each year from all forms
  • Membership target

          2011   -   10
          2012   -   15
          2013   -   20
          2014   -   25
          2015   -   30

Membership Project

  • Membership Drive Campaign


  • To improve membership
  • To improve membership from all forms

Membership Drive Campaign

  • Drama
  • Activities for English Language Month
  • International Competition for Schools
  • Essay Competition
  • Scrabble Competition


  • Teacher Advisors /English Teachers/ Committee Members




  • Regular meetings
  • Promotion from each class
  • Membership drive to encourage member participation and listing the benefits and value of each activity
  • Encourage 100% attendance by giving certificates of participation
  • Up to date notices and information to attract more participation in the club

Date of Implementation:
Jan - Oct
Principal, Senior Teachers, Head of English Department and Teacher Advisor

Indicator of Success:
Membership attendance in club activities to improve

Achievement Programme

  • To improve attendance in meetings
  • To improve active participation of members in the club activities
  • To improve 100% members in receiving certificates of participation
  • To train committee members to have leadership skills

Project Achievement Programme:
1) Project:

  •     to improve achievements and participation in the club through regular meeting


  • Up to date information to attract more partiipation in the club activities
  • to improve attendance in meetings and club activities
  • to encourage students to join the club, listing the benefits and value of each activity
  • to train committee members to have leadership skill

2) Project:
Leadership Skills

To train members to have leadership skills

Through the activities organized by school during English Language Month and also by the club such as:

  • International Competition for Schools (English)
  • Activities for English Language Month
  • Scrabble Competition
  • Essay Competition

Project Achievement Programme through Regular Meetings
Regular meetings

Date of Implementation
Date as fixed by the Committee Members of School

How it is implemented
Following the  rules and conditions of the committee members

Committee members specially appointed committee members

Teacher Advisor

Indicator of Success

  • Membership attendance and club activities improved
  • Maintain as champion of the Inter divisional and title in debate and public speaking



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