Welcome To English Club

English Club

1.  English Club, SMK Sacred Heart

2.  Registration Number

3.  Aim
     3.1  This club aims for students to be able to communicate, respond and write well in
            English. Therefore, they can use English in their daily lives.

4.  Objectives

4.1         To expose members to literary works

4.2         To get members to appreciate and tap on their aesthetic self

4.3         To guide members to express themselves literary

4.4         To allow members to narrate creatively

4.5         To encourage members to take part in essay-writing competition

4.6         To encourage the development of oral communication skils 

              among the students
4.7         To promote the use of better English

4.8         To promote better understanding among young people
4.9         Be courteous in delivering speech

1.10       To introduce a more challenging and exciting debate

4.11       To produce students with leadership qualities and broad mindedness

4.12       To produce students with creative and critical thinking skills

4.13       To train students for competitions, especially to represent the

             school for any level

5.  Membership

     5.1  is open for all students of the school

     5.2  to become a member, all that has to be done is to fill in a form

     5.3  all members must agree to abide by the club's constitution and participate in the club

            actively to make all programmes a success

6.  Teacher Advisors/ Committee Members

     Teacher Advisors

  • Teacher advisers are all from the school.
  • Teacher advisers will give advice and have full authority over the planning and running of all activities.
  • Teacher advisers will be present for all activities planned for the year.
  • Teacher advisers have the authority to evaluate members' performance.

       Committee Members
  • Appointment is during the Annual General Meeting.
  • Members present and those absent but have written the letter of reason can be appointed as committee members.
  • Appointment is via election.
  • Appointment for minor positions can be done by the teacher advisers.
  • Members of the committee who wish to resign must do so via formal letter to the teacher advisers.
  • The committee members should consists of the following:
           *  President
           *  Assistant Chairman
           * Secretary
           * Treasurer
           * Class Representative
           * Auditors

7.  Finance
     7.1   No fee is levied.
     7.2  The club may gain fund via activities carried out.
     7.3  All members may be required to pay a certain fees for any major activities carried out.

8.  Attendance
    8.1  All members must be present for all activities planned throughout the year.
    8.2  A maximum of 3 pardons for being absent are given afterwhich disciplinary action or
          termination of membership will be taken.
9.  Activities
     9.1  Will be carried out as planned during the Annual General Meeting
     9.2  Another alteration will be done by the teacher advisors and members will be informed.

10.  Rules and regulations
      10.1  school rules and regulations are applied to the club.
      10.2  Specific rules and regulations decided by the club must be adhered by strictly by
              all members.
       10.3  Any violations to the rules and regulations will be dealt with severely.

11.  Disciplinary Actions
       11.1  Will be taken against all who break the rules and regulations of the club.
       11.2  The actions are as follow:
                *  Verbal warning
                *  Letter of warning
                *  Suspension of membership
                *  expulsion of membership
        11.3 Members expelled from the club will lose all rights related to the club
        11.4 Any dissatisfaction over any disciplinary actions taken can be forwarded.
               to the teacher advisors but all decisions made thereafter by the teacher advisors are

12.  Amendment of Constitution
      12.1  All constitutions are valid till amended.
      12,2  Suggestions for any change of the constitutions can be made by members, teacher
              advisors or the school management via written letter.
      12.3  A special meeting will be held if that situation arises and will be presented by
              teacher advisors and the committee members
      12,4 Any amendment made has to be placed agreed by the principal and published on the
             notice board for all members' attention.

13.  Dissolution of the Club
       13.1  The Principal has the jurisdiction to dissolve the club should the need arises.

14.  Other matters
      14.1  All members must know their own responsibilities and commitment to the club.
      14.2  All members must take part in all club activities wholeheartedly.

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