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Strategic Plan PSPTPO

Strategic Plan (2011-2015)
Tactical Plan (2011)
Operational Planning
Membership Programme
  • To encourage more members to join the club
  • To improve 5% of membership each year from all forms
  • Membership target
          2011   -   15
          2012   -   20
          2013   -   25
          2014   -   30
          2015   -   35

Membership Project
  • Membership Drive Campaign
  • To improve membership
  • To improve membership from all forms

Membership Drive Campaign
  • Inter-secondary school parliamentary style debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Activities for English Language Month
  • International Competition for Schools
  • Essay Competition
  • Scrabble Competition
  • Teacher Advisors /English Teachers/ Committee Members

  • Regular meetings
  • Promotion from each class
  • Membership drive to encourage member participation and listing the benefits and value of each activity
  • Encourage 100% attendance by giving certificates of participation
  • Up to date notices and information to attract more participation in the club

Date of Implementation:
Jan - Oct
Principal, Senior Teachers, Head of English Department and Teacher Advisor

Indicator of Success:
Membership attendance in club activities to improve

Achievement Programme
  • To improve attendance in meetings
  • To improve active participation of members in the club activities
  • To improve 100% members in receiving certificates of participation
  • To train committee members to have leadership skills

Project Achievement Programme:
1) Project:
  •     to improve achievements and participation in the club through regular meeting
  • Up to date information to attract more partiipation in the club activities
  • to improve attendance in meetings and club activities
  • to encourage students to join the club, listing the benefits and value of each activity
  • to train committee members to have leadership skill
2) Project:
Leadership Skills

To train members to have leadership skills

Through the activities organized by school during English Language Month and also by the club such as:
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • International Competition for Schools (English)
  • Activities for English Language Month
  • Story Telling
  • Scrabble Competition
  • Essay Competition
Project Achievement Programme through Regular Meetings
Regular meetings

Date of Implementation:
Date as fixed by the Committee Members of School

How it is implemented:
Following the  rules and conditions of the committee members

Committee members specially appointed committee members

Teacher Advisor

Indicator of Success
  • Membership attendance and club activities improved
  • Maintain as champion of the Inter divisional and title in debate and public speaking

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